Dr. Neeti Andersahare
Rating: 4.3

Dr. Neeti Andersahare

Ophthalmologist | 12+ Years
glamyo-healthMBBS, MS Opthalmology
glamyo-healthHindi, English, Marathi

Specializes in: Ophthalmology

Consultation Fee: (exclusively for Glamyo Health Patients)

₹ Online Fee
Rs. 1000 Rs. 0
₹ In Clinic Fee
Rs. 1000 Rs. 0
Dr. Neeti Andersahare
glamyo-health Mumbai

Proficient in- Hindi, English, Marathi

Dr. Neeti Andersahare is a healthcare professional with over 12 plus years of experience in the eye care industry. She has done MBBS MS opthalmology and She has been responsible for successfully creating brands and expanding a single hospital to a chain. She has expertise in putting systems and processes, Strategic Planning, and unparalleled execution abilities have been key to her success.


  • Lasik
  • Cataract


  • MBBS, MS Opthalmologist 


  • Opthalmologist 



  • Maharastra Medical Council


  • MBBS, MS Opthalmologist 

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Neeti Andersahare practices in Mumbai at , #LOCALITY, Mumbai

For booking an appointment with Dr. Neeti Andersahare, you need to click on the link and get on a call during which you can schedule your appointment as per the available time slots and your convenience.

Dr. Neeti Andersahare specializes in Ophthalmologist

Here are Dr. Neeti Andersahare’s educational qualifications:
  • MBBS, MS Opthalmologist 

Dr. Neeti Andersahare specializes in Opthalmologist 

Dr. Neeti Andersahare possesses an overall experience of 12 as Ophthalmologist

The online consultation charges are Rs 1000 while the physical consultation charges are Rs 1000. However, you can get in touch with Glamyo Health to avail of free of cost OPD consultation with Dr. Neeti Andersahare for a limited period of time

The following languages are known by Dr. Neeti Andersahare:
  • Hindi
  • English
  • Marathi

Dr. Neeti Andersahare has received average 4.3 by patients. You can read detailed reviews of the doctor on Glamyo Health patient diaries.