Adenomyosis is a reproductive-aged women's condition in which endometrial tissues grow inside the myometrium (middle layer of the uterus). Endometrium refers to the innermost uterine layer. When the cells of the endometrium start growing in other places outside the endometrium, it will lead to various health issues and even cause infertility in women. 

When this ectopic growth of the endometrium occurs in the ovaries or outside the uterus, it leads to endometriosis. When this ectopic growth of the endometrium occurs in the myometrium, it leads to a condition called adenomyosis.

what is adenomyosis


Diffuse adenomyosis

The type of adenomyosis wherein the uterus is boggy and uniformly enlarged.

Focal adenomyosis

The type of adenomyosis that resembles uterine fibroids and is rare condition affecting females younger than 30 years of age.



  • Inflammation in uterus
  • Endometrial cells invasion protrusion in the muscle layer of the uterus
  • Developmental defect- endometrial tissue may be deposited in the muscle layer of the uterus in the fetal stage.
  • Bone marrow cells invading the uterus muscle layer


  • Heavy flow in periods
  • Extreme pain during sexual intercourse
  • Swelling in the pelvic and abdominal region
  • Urinary tract discomfort
  • Extremely painful period cramps
  • Irregular menstruation
adenomyosis symptoms


  1. Physical examination- for enlarged belly or swollen abdomen
  2. Abdominal scanning through:
  • Vaginal ultrasound
  • CT scan
  • MRI of uterus
  • Biopsy of uterine myometrium tissue

Stay hydrated
Eat healthy diet
Do low impact exercises like walking
Get enough rest
Avoid caffeine and alcohol
Don't smoke
Avoid strenuous exercises
Do not ignore symptoms


Non- Surgical Treatments

Hormonal drugs and contraceptives

  • Oestrogen-progestin pills
  • Progestin contraception 
  • Intrauterine device
  • Vaginal rings

Anti-inflammatory drugs

  • Ibuprofen 


Surgical treatments for adenomyosis may be recommended if other treatments have failed to relieve symptoms, or if the condition is severe. Some surgical options for adenomyosis may include:

Hysterectomy: This is the most common surgical treatment for adenomyosis. It involves the removal of the uterus and is usually recommended for women who have completed childbearing.

Endometrial ablation: This is a minimally invasive procedure that involves the removal or destruction of the lining of the uterus. It is generally recommended for women who wish to preserve their uterus and have not responded to other treatments.

Uterine artery embolization: This is a minimally invasive procedure that involves blocking the blood supply to the uterus, which can help to shrink adenomyosis growths.

Myomectomy: This is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of uterine fibroids, which can often coexist with adenomyosis. It may be considered in women who wish to preserve their uterus and have not responded to other treatments.

Risk and Complications


  1. Problems during childbirth
  2. Middle age
  3. Post-C-section
  4. Post dilatation and curettage 
  5. Post fibroid removal


Heavy bleeding can lead to anaemia and other reproductive health issues.

adenomyosis risks and complications


Adenomyosis is a gynaecological condition that often gets worsens with time and must not be ignored because if it is left untreated, it can lead to various reproductive health issues, including 

  1. Pelvic organ prolapse- Slipping of one or more pelvic organs from the there original site towards the vagina 
  2. Infertility
  3. miscarriages 
  4. premature births


The average cost of laparoscopic hysterectomy to treat adenomyosis is ₹35,000 - ₹40,000. The cost varies from the type of surgical procedure, hospital facilities and cities.

Financial Options

No Cost EMI



adenomyosis treatment cost


Insurance coverage for adenomyosis treatment can vary widely depending on the individual insurance plan, the severity of the condition, and the specific treatment being considered. In general, insurance providers may cover treatments that are deemed medically necessary, such as a hysterectomy or endometrial ablation, if other less invasive treatments have failed to alleviate symptoms.

However, insurance coverage for adenomyosis treatments may also be subject to certain restrictions or requirements. For example, some insurance plans may require that certain diagnostic tests or procedures be performed before approving coverage for a particular treatment. Additionally, insurance providers may limit coverage for certain treatments based on factors such as age, medical history, or the specific symptoms experienced.

adenomyosis treatment insurance plan

Know more about adenomyosis

The exact cause of adenomyosis is not known, but there are several theories. One theory suggests that hormonal imbalances may play a role, as adenomyosis is often associated with an overgrowth of estrogen. 

While there is no cure for adenomyosis, many women are able to manage their symptoms with appropriate treatment. Women with adenomyosis may also benefit from lifestyle changes such as regular exercise, a healthy diet, and stress reduction techniques.

It is important for women with symptoms of adenomyosis to seek medical attention, as early diagnosis and treatment can help prevent complications and improve outcomes. Women with adenomyosis may also benefit from support groups or counseling to manage the emotional and psychological impact of the condition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

According to some studies, the growing endometrial tissue can invade the lining of uterus causing adenomyosis.

Adenomyosis is not harmful but it decreases the quality of life due to pain and bleeding. To manage the discomfort, one must consult the doctor in case they suspect serious condition.

Adenomyosis may or may not affect a female's ability to get pregnant. In most of the cases, women may complain of excessive bleeding and pain but it is unlikely that women face infertility issues.

Leaving adenomyosis untreated for long only worsens the condition including pain and bleeding. Also, there are evidences that chronic condition can cause fertility problems.

It is estimated that large number of women with adenomyosis may present low grades of cancer too. It has been found to be associated with endometrial adenocarcinoma. It is one of the most common gynecological cancer.

Natural remedies such as a healthy diet, exercise, stress reduction, and supplements like omega-3 fatty acids and magnesium may help reduce symptoms.

The best treatment for adenomyosis in India may depend on the individual case and may include medication, surgery, or a combination of both.

Adenomyosis is a lifelong condition, but symptoms may be managed with treatment.

Walking alone may not cure adenomyosis, but regular exercise can help reduce symptoms such as pain and bloating.